Venture Puppy Questionaire
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1. Why do you want a Weimaraner?
2. Have you owned a Weimaraner before?  What breeds have you owned before?
3. Do you have a fenced in yard?  If not, would you fence your yard or a portion of the yard?
4. Do you own your home or rent?  Do you have a large yard to exersize your dog?
5. Have you trained a dog before?  Are you willing to go to classes?  Where would you go?.
6. Do you work outside the home?  Where will the dog be while you are at work?       Where will the dog be when you are on vacation?
7. Do you plan on crate training your dog?
8. Would you spay or neuter your dog?  Why?
9.  What sex puppy do you want?.
10. What do you want to do with your puppy? Show/Field/Obedience/Tracking/Agility/Etc.
11. Do have other pets?  Do you have children?  What are their ages?  Tell me a bit about them.
Please realize these are very basic questions just to give me a little background.  I will be re-contacting you so we can set up a meeting for a more in depth interview. I'm sure you will also have more questions for me.  You are always welcome to visit us and I will help you in any way that I can with you puppy.  My job as a breeder is to see that my puppy has a long and happy life and that you enjoy him and get the most from your relationship. If I do not have puppies available I will do my best to refer you to a reputable breeder who may be able to help you.
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